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Animation Praxinoscope Science Kit
View the animation discs provided or be your own director and create animations with the blank discs included in 4M Animation Praxinoscope science kit by Kidz Labs, the science of animation! Rebuild one of the world's first animation toys invented 170 years ago. That's right, they had educational toys way back then! Learn optic principles which laid the theoretical backbone of modern animation and movies. Gently spin the spin-platform, view through the mask plate, and see how still pictures come to life. Get your friends over and create your very own mini movies, then invite your family to attend this unique animation show. Turn down the lights and turn on the LED lamp. It "flashes" like early movies and gives them an authentic look. It's a science toy with maximum learning power. You will be amazed by the simulated impression of early movies! A great science fair project idea.
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Animation Praxinoscope Science Kit

by Toysmith
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