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LeapFrog Lil' Phone Pal Phone
Lil’ Phone Pal is recommended for children ages 6 to 18 months old.View larger You get your phone back and baby gets to learn and play.View larger Baby’s First Phone from Leapfrog With contemporary colors and an adorable animated monkey, Lil' Phone Pal is a kid-safe, age-appropriate toy that's fun for baby. Baby can press buttons to play music, explore numbers 1,2,3, hear phone greetings and practice talking with a funny phone friend. The LeapFrog Lil’ Phone Pal toy phone is recommended for children ages 6-18 months old. You Can Have Your Phone Back The LeapFrog Lil’ Phone Pal is a fun way for baby to have a phone, just like mommy or daddy. Make play time educational while fun songs give baby exposure to phone greetings and numbers. 10 phone conversations will have baby practicing language development and strengthen her understanding of the world around them. Hear from LeapFrog's Learning Expert “Early pretend play lets children exercise their imagination and use cognitive skills as they emulate adult manners they observe.”— Clement C, LeapFrog Learning Expert Teaches Learning About Numbers: Children are introduced to number names and number order through counting games and activities.Fine Motor Skills: The development and coordination of small, refined muscle movements allow infants and toddlers to use their thumb and forefinger to grasp small objects, paint and eventually learn to write.Pretend Play: Pretend play offers a creative outlet that strengthens a child's understanding of the world as he acts out stories he knows and situations he observes in the adult world. As imagination grows, dramatic play becomes more complex. Language Development: Songs and games can introduce children to the sounds of language.
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