When Your Customer Wins, You Can't Lose

Let's take the war out of customer relationships and create a little peace and harmony plus increased productivity and profit. - Jack Collis When Your Customer Wins, You Can't Lose is a book with a big message - your customer is your business. If you want to be more profitable and more successful than your competitors, you need to turn your business into a customerdriven organisation. Put simply, the difference between success and failure can be the quality of your relationship with your customers. the rewards of customer loyalty are enormous. Customers quickly tire of businesses that offer the same old quickfix solutions, but always respond positively to professional, creative, individually tailored solutions. Businesses that exceed the expectations of their customers are the winners. In this indispensable book, Jack Collis shows you how to: win customers more easily and more often generate and increase customer satisfaction keep customers coming back create strategies to increase staff effectiveness create a highly motivated team become more productive and profitable Jack Collis is one of Australia's bestselling business and motivational writers and a leader in the fields of sales, marketing, customer service and mindpower.