Yearbook of International Organizations 2007-2008: Guide to Global and Civil Society Networks: Bibliographic Volume, International Organization Bibliography and Resourses

The latest edition of this definitive international resource provides detailed information for more than 29,000 organizations active in 289 countries, and is exhaustively cross-referenced to help you: -- Locate international aid groups, business and commercial associations, religious orders, national bodies, fraternities, conferences, and more-- Help patrons find the right contacts in the organizations they need to reach, and identify organizations with similar concerns worldwide-- Facilitate research into any organization's structure, financing, membership, aims and activities, publications, geographic scope, and more.Alphabetically arranged and now in two parts, Volume 1: Organization Descriptions and Cross-References is the most current and far-reaching reference work available on international bodies. Over 32,000 listings -- including in-depth profiles for some 12,000 major organizations -- cover everything from inter-governmental bodies and conferences to religious orders and fraternities.Volume 2: International Organization Participation makes possible systematic identification of each country's range of direct or indirect international activity. Designed for use by national and international agencies, embassies, ministries, and university and law libraries, its alphabetical arrangement offers a comprehensive picture of national involvement in international concerns.Volume 3: Global Action Networks is a comprehensive overview of the range and network of activities of the international organizations themselves -- organized alphabetically by subject and by region. Similar to a "yellow pages", it groups international and regional bodies under 4,300 categories ofcommon ideas, aims, and activities.Volume 4: International Organization Bibliography and Resources provides a Title/Author Index and separate Subject Index to some 33,000 entries reflecting current publications of IGOs and NGOs, secondary literature of NGOs, and more, From K. G. Saur.