WWE 2K14 Signature Series Strategy Guide

Become Immortal with the BradyGames WWE 2K14 strategy guide. WWE2K14 Signature Series Strategy Guide is the complete guide to the latest professional wrestling game from 2K Sports. This strategy guide gets the full Signature Series treatment, packed with extra art, bonus content, and a premium cover, making this a collectible item for any wrestling fan. WWE2K14 Signature Series Strategy Guide provides an in-depth look at creating your own WWE universe, complete with tournaments, rivalries, and more. You'll get a comprehensive list of signature moves and finishers for every Superstar and Diva as well as tips for getting the most out of your own custom characters and how to collect all Achievements and Trophies. Plus, included are compelling excerpts from the official WWE Encyclopedia, Second Edition, so you can learn even more about your favourite WWE Superstars. WWE2K14 is a comprehensive WWE video game experience that lets you play as your favourite Superstars and Divas in a customised universe or experience a variety of matches and venues as your very own Superstar or Diva. WWE2K14 is available for XBox360 and PS3 for gamers 13+. Become Immortal with WWE2K14 Signature Series Strategy Guide and BradyGames.