Woerterbuch Industrielle Elektrotechnik, Energie- und Automatisierungstechnik / Dictionary of Electrical Engineering, Power Engineering and Automation: CD-ROM Deutsch-Englisch / English-German. CD-ROM Edition 2011

Technical Requirements: Windows 7/Vista/XP This CD-ROM dictionary comprises both volumes of the 6th print edition of the Dictionary of Electrical Engineering, Power Engineering and Automation. For this edition, the worldwide-respected dictionary has been updated and enlarged by about 40%. It is the standard work for all those requiring a comprehensive and reliable compilation of terms from the fields of power generation, transmission and distribution, drive engineering, automation, switchgear and installation engineering, power electronics as well as measurement, analysis and test engineering. Including also a great number of basic electrotechnical terms, with about 121,000 entries and 166,000 translations in German-English and 115,000 entries and 156,000 translations in English-German it comprehensively covers large fields of industrially applied electrical engineering. For information on the multi-user version of this dictionary address to publishing-distribution@publicis.de