Wild Flowers of Eastern Andalucia: A Field Guide to the Flowering Plants of Almeria and the Sierra De Los Filabres Region

Paperback / softback
Southern Spain has a particularly rich and varied flora. This photographic field guide describes a representative selection of the most frequent and characteristic flowering plants to be found in this part of south-east Spain, many of which can also be seen anywhere in southern Spain or further afield. The area covered spans 2000 m in altitude and takes in a variety of largely Mediterranean vegetation types, of which those dominated by the aromatic thymes and colourful brooms are amongst the most spectacular. Wild Flowers of Eastern Andalucia describes 625 species, with 575 illustrated by colour photographs. It will appeal to local residents or holidaymakers, visiting botanists or anyone with an interest in wild flowers who is planning to visit the region. There is an introductory account for each plant family and each species account also includes the English and local Spanish names where known and a summary of cultural and medicinal uses.