Why Build a Seven? Putting a Sports Car on the Road, a Personal Record.

EVER FORCED TO BUILD YOUR OWN CAR? The first Lotus Seven appeared in 1957. It was unique, a race car for the road. In a time when cars stood for chrome and power and road-holding weight, the Seven was light, quick, nimble and bracing. It was also spartan, hopelessly impractical and sold as a kit, assembly required. Soon it was the benchmark for a sports car - unconventional, fast, rare, and not for everyone. What was unforgivable in other cars justified the Seven. More than 5o years later it's still in production. Now as then, owners have to build their cars. When Michael Eddenden sets out to build a Caterham Seven the fingertip ease of the digital age is replaced by unheated garages, fumes and typed instructions obscured by oily fingerprints. For anyone who has ever wanted to build something with their own hands - despite skill, aptitude and experience. Caterham Cars, manufacturer of the 7, was purchased by Formula 1 Team Lotus in 2011. Paperback Edition...Now with added PHOTOGRAPHS, 2014.