Who Is Jesus?

Going deep into The Word of Promise Next Generation . . . theaudio Bible for the "wired generation!"You've heard the dramatized New Testament featuring the voicetalents ofmany of today's top young Hollywood stars. Now dig deeper and embracethetruths and knowledge of the Bible like never before. This newdevotional studyguide series is available in four volumes.  Each volume includes an MP3CD, a devotional guide, andjournaling section. The devotionalguide is presented in 13 lessons with topical articles, exciting andfun2-color graphic design, and creative interactive games and activitiesfor youth to enjoy! Also included is a journaling section at the end ofeach lesson of the each book. Volume One – the "Who" focuses on the person, purpose and promisesof Jesus and is based on the books of Matthew, Mark, and Luke.Features include:  GET-IT (help tounderstand difficult concepts); GRAB-IT (how does this look in your own life); HOLD-IT(how to maintain in everyday life);  GIVE-IT(how does this affect others in your life); DEFINE-IT (in-depth look at keywords); and LIVE-IT (presentation of ideas, questions, challenges to supporteach session's content).