What's Cooking, Alaska?: 100 Recipes from Alaska's Favorite Chef

Paperback / softback
No one knows the fine art of New Alaskan Cuisine like Chef Al Levinsohn. As a chef in some the finest restaurants in the state since 1984, as owner of two of those restaurants, and as the host of the regional cooking show What s Cookin ? With Chef Al, he has become the face of the region s cuisine. Now for the first time, he collects his favorite Alaskan-based dishes in What s Cookin, Alaska?. With a special attention to regional ingredients, particularly seafood (King crab, salmon, halibut, and scallops), as well as eye for the gourmet Chef Al has created the ultimate resource to cooking Alaskan style. Among the dishes are: Kodiak Scallop Wontons, Alaskan Snapper Ceviche, Marinated Grilled Buffalo Skewers with Shitake Mushrooms, and Wildfire Smoked Salmon Hash.