What Can You Do with a Major in Biology?: Real People, Real Jobs, Real Rewards

This is your guide to glide from campus to career. This book helps you get from the lab to life! Whether you're considering majoring in biology, choosing a college or classes, or already have your degree and your lab coat, this is your definitive guide to diverse career opportunities, some of which you probably haven't considered.It goes beyond the basics to address specific concerns of biology majors with valuable information, including: an advice on college and curriculum choices - courses, internships, advanced degrees, and more; tips to energize and expand your job search; profiles of real graduates, their jobs, and how they got them; eye-opening, objective information from a healthcare professional, education and outreach program manager, zookeeper, science reporter, healthcare attorney, and public health consultant; overviews of typical salary levels, hours, and work environments; extensive additional resources, including Web sites, professional organizations, periodicals, and more; and, licensing requirements. Learn what your peers in the work world like about their jobs - and what they don't. Learn about the routes they took and the mistakes they made. Then you'll be prepared to thoroughly examine your options and chart your course to success!