What About Divine Healing?: A Study of Christian Healing

FaithQuestions. A collection of short-term, small-group, in-depth studies in the fields of theology, ethics, mission, hermeneutics (biblical interpretation), and church history. Each volume includes leader/learner helps to support group leaders with the sessions. The resource is designed for use in Sunday morning groups, midweek groups, independent study, or retreats. Sessions range in length from 45 to 90 minutes. How do we define divine healing? Is divine healing always worth the price? What is the connection between the divine and human roles in the healing of ourselves, our loved ones, our churches, and our communities? How do we need one another for healing? Does prayer make a difference in healing? Will we seek healing if we believe we should suffer? How do we experience divine healing through rituals, spiritual practices, and worship? What can healing mean in the face of death? This book explores these questions and others associated with healing in the Christian tradition. The author invites us to converse with multiple answers to such questions as we explore personal experiences, specific stories, and illustrations out of which they emerge. In our exploration we will discover that divine healing occurs in many ways, often in ways we did not imagine. It matters that we engage in this hard work, Vogel writes, because God's people seek healing and do not agree about what healing means. We ache for wholeness in our bodies and in our relationships, and we are not sure what it looks like, what it feels like, what it is. All of us yearn to know where to look for sources of healing, and we hear conflicting directions that promise to guide us.