Wesleyan Perspectives on the New Creation

The New Creation was the theme of the Eleventh Oxford Institute of Methodist Theological Studies held in August 2002. The Oxford Institute, held under the auspices of the World Methodist Council, meets every five years and seeks to bring together scholars, ministers, and laypersons from the Methodist and other churches in the Wesleyan traditions throughout the world for disciplined theological study. The purpose of this Institute was to discern the implications of affirming the New Creation for Christian life and mission in the new millennium. The opening years of the third Christian millennium are an appropriate time to explore Christian hope as it relates to God's purpose in creation, salvation, and redemption of the universe. Those who stand in the theological tradition of John and Charles Wesley are particularly well placed by their heritage to explore its theme from biblical, historical, theological, ethical, political, psychological, liturgical, and devotional angles. The book contains edited versions of the conference plenary addresses. Contributors include: H. Mvume Dandala, Randy L. Maddox, Manfred Marquardt, M. Douglas Meeks, Nester O. Miguez, Mary Elizabeth Mullino Moore, Jong Chun Park, Russell Richey, Josiah U. Young.