Web Technologies

Web Technologies is specially designed as a textbook for undergraduate students of Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology and postgraduate students of Computer Applications. The book seeks to provide a thorough understanding of fundamentals of Web Technologies. Divided into four sections, the book first introduces basic concepts such as Introduction to Web, HTTP, Java Network Programming, HTML, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The following three sections describe various applications of web technologies, namely, XML, client-side scripting, and server-side scripting. The second section on XML Technologies focuses on concepts such as XML Namespace, DTD, and Schema, parsing in XML, concept of XPath, XML Transformation and other XML technologies. The third section dealing with client-side programming includes JavaScript and Applets and the last section introduces server-side programming including CGI, Servelets, JSP, and Introduction to J2EE. Presenting the concepts in comprehensive and lucid manner, the book includes numerous real-world examples and codes for better understanding of the subject. Moreover, the text is supported with illustrations, screenshots, review questions, and exercises. _ _