Wasted: The Preppie Murder

Known as the so-called Rough Sex Killing, the 1986 murder of college-bound teenager Jennifer Levin at the hands of preppie Robert Chambers shocked and horrified the nation, receiving as much attention and media hype as the O.J. Simpson case that followed soon afterward. In Wasted, which was named a Notable Book of the Year by the New York Times, veteran journalist Linda Wolfe goes behind the headlines to tell the full story of this chilling crime. With never-before-revealed details, Wolfe re-creates in vivid detail the reckless world of the affluent teenagers of the 1980s, the vicious court battles that attempted to paint sexually-free Jennifer as responsible for her own death, the startling jury-room wars that prevented the jurors from reaching a verdict on Chambers' culpability, and the secrets behind the preppie's last-minute plea bargain. A true crime classic, this tale of two youngsters who connected - and crashed - in the fast lane of privilege and sex, is haunting and unforgettable. Fascinating, horrifying, and heart-breaking. - Ann Rule A real page-turner. - Mademoiselle Magazine Written with breadth, subtlety and fierce intelligence. - John Leonard, New York Magazine