Vehicle Noise and Vibration: 2002

The acoustic and vibration characteristics of vehicles remain vitally important factors to market success. Failure to meet customer expectations can seriously affect sales and ultimately company survival. Achieving appropriate quality and affordable costs is the engineering task that this volume addresses. Vehicle Noise and Vibration 2002 includes contributions from across Europe covering technologies and applications from virtual vehicles to analysis methodology and from subsystems modelling and validations to the whole vehical approach. In view of the new measurement and assessment methodologies and better understanding of noise from brakes, this volume brings a collection of papers together under the following headings: brakes and friction induced NVH; virtual prototyping NVH engineering - best practice and challenges; driveline; whole vehicle; and powertrain. The text is aimed at executives, managers, specialists, engineers, scientists and all those concerned with NVH in the auto industry and supply chain companies. It should also be of interest to academics who are active - or considering working in - acoustics, vibration control and new measurement technologies in a dynamic environment.