Twisted Turban: A Thought Provoking Journey Along Cultural Borderlands

The true-story of life and love in an unfamiliar world. When Naginder Sehmi was born in Kenya nobody could have predicted the amazing life he was to live. From the scorched plains of Africa to the lofty mountains of Switzerland, Narender's lifelong journey has been filled with unbelievable moments. In Twisted Turban, Naginder not only describes his continent-crossing journey in vivid detail but he also provides an unparalleled insight into the life as a Sikh. With heart-wrenching honesty, the stories show the struggle for love in a caste-based society and the inevitable approach of death and decay. Naginder also provides a commentary on the modern problems faced by Sikhs, both spiritually and in everyday life, and provides his own solutions to dealing with them. Beautifully-written with a fiery sense of humour that brings this distant world to life, Twisted Turban is a revealing insight into the life of a Sikh.