Yale French Studies, Number 116/117: Turns to the Right?

Paperback / softback
Michael A. Johnson and Lawrence R. Schehr, Special Editors Table of Contents Michael A. Johnson and Lawrence R. Schehr: Turns to the Right? Francois Noudelmann: A Turn to the Right: Genealogy in France since the 1980s Verena Conley: Soigne ta droite Michel Gueldry: The Americanization of France Adrian Johnston: The Right Left: Alain Badiou and the Disruption of Political Identities Benedicte Coste: Against the Grain: Michea's Radical Philosophy and Its Discontents Richard J. Golsan: Pascal Bruckner and the Politics of the Moraliste: Realism or Reaction? Nacira Guenif-Souilamas: The Inflated Ego and New Games of Belonging Bruno Chaouat: Moroseness in Post-Cold War France Douglas Morrey: Sex and the Single Male: Houellebecq, Feminism, and Hegemonic Masculinity Karl Pollin: Saint-Maurice of the Saber, Gnostic of Postmodern Times Armine K. Mortimer: The Third Closet: Sollers' War