Trust Me, I'm (still) a Doctor

This is a hilarious new book by the best-selling author of Medicine Balls .Dr Phil has been a doctor and whistleblower for twenty one years, and still hasn't been struck off. As Private Eye's medical correspondent and presenter of BBC's Trust Me, I'm a Doctor , he's exposed too many scandals and upset too many surgeons. Now aged 46, with varifocals, a swelling prostate and a black bit on his toe that could be a melanoma, he's paranoid about becoming a patient. What will the bastards do to me?This irreverent and confrontational romp through Dr Phil's alleged career starts off with scary scandals but ends up with some surprisingly useful tips on how to avoid doctors if you can and use them if you can't.Trust Me, I'm (Still) a Doctor is one book you can't afford not to read!