Troubled Midnight

1943 saw the preparation for the greatest invasion in history, the assault on Hitler's Fortress Europe, is underway in the United Kingdom. The skies are full of training aircraft, their engines merging with the throb of the RAF and USAAF bombers heading on round-the-clock missions against Germany. With fresh bloodshed on the horizon, the coming Christmas preparations seem even more poignant. But with just ten days to go the seasonal mood is shattered in the quiet market town of Wantage in Berkshire when Detective Chief Superintendent, Tommy Livermore and DS Suzie Mountford, Tommy's right-hand woman and secret lover, are called to investigate the discovery of two tortured and beaten bodies. When the bodies are identified as Lieutenant-Colonel Tim Weaving, a commanding officer stationed at a nearby airfield; and Emily Bascombe, wife of the town's hero, Tommy and Suzie are joined by Curry Shepherd, a representative of the Intelligence Services. It is possible that an enemy agent has interrogated Tim Weaving whilst he was in possession of highly confidential information. Things become urgent as Suzie finds herself seconded to War Office Intelligence Liaison and so enters the secret world...A surprising, dark and imaginative novel from one of Britain's best thriller writers, Troubled Midnight makes for compelling reading.