Tricks of the Microsoft Office Gurus

We all have those go-to people in our lives. The one you go-to for advice, the one you go-to for comfort, the one you go-to with technical you can be the one that others go-to for help with Microsoft Office 2003. Tricks of the Microsoft Office Gurus is full of exclusive tricks from Paul McFedries, an Office insider, that will help you learn the Office applications inside and out. Designed to bridge the gap between your expectation and reality, you will go beyond the basics and learn newly discovered techniques, shortcuts and best practices, including: * Using Excel's Camera Tool for what-if analysis * Embedding fonts in shared documents * Adding a live stock price quote to a worksheet * Using dummy text to layout and format a document * Publishing Outlook Calendar to the web * Using Word to customize Power Point handouts Through real-world examples that showcase how the tips and tricks can be used in everyday business tasks, Tricks of the Microsoft Office Gurus will help you get the most out of Office 2003.