Tribology: Lubrication, Friction and Wear

Only a few of the available books on tribology contain the wealth of data and information that Lubrication, Friction and Wear provides. The material is very practical in nature and is in a form directly useable by engineers involved with design and troubleshooting on tribological devices. This work, edited by tribologist Professor Kragelsky, has been republished with the benefit of additional interpretative material by Professor Nikolai Myshkin and Dr Mark I. Petrokovets, to provide a valuable reference source. The extra data, along with the original material, make this comprehensive volume a must have for all tribologists. Tribology - Lubrication, Friction and Wear brings together information that is not readily available elsewhere. Some of the basic tribological theories developed by the authors differ from the equivalent theories found in the West , and having these alternatives documented in one volume is invaluable. This is an important volume in the Tribology in Practice Series which aims to be accessible and industry-relevant bringing the latest developments in tribological research, as well as established ideas and techniques, to bear on real engineering problems.