Trees and Forests: Wild Wonders of Europe

For more than a year, 69 of Europe's best nature photographers travelled to all corners of Europe's 48 countries to unveil the incredibly rich and amazingly varied natural heritage of the continent. Together they have contributed to a collection of more than 200,000 images of nature, many of which were published in the book Wild Wonders of Europe . As a follow-up to this popular book, Wild: The Trees and Forests of Europe pays tribute to the multi-hued beauty of trees. From close-ups of minute arboreal details to panoramas of epic proportions, this book lays bare the immense diversity of Europe's forests. Organized by climate, each chapter surveys a different habitat and the resident trees, moving from the temperate rainy forests of Turkey and Georgia, to the dry and sun-filled woodlands of the Mediterranean, to the frostbitten terrain of Alpine regions.