Traveling Light Entertainment

Traveling Light Entertainment is a collection of short stories set in an eclectic array of mysterious, far away locations. They feature light and shade, real people, ghosts and phantoms of the imagination, dealing with matters of life and death, of nostalgia and a time when things were in some ways simpler. The reader is taken on journeys of searching, where the aspiration is an ideal and enlightenment is the goal. Meet Mr. Jumabhoy who doesn't even know what a holiday is. He strides through his story as he does through his home town -- with universal appeal. Everybody seems to know and respect him and, in the end, he enjoys his holiday. And then there's Henry, the money changer, who continues to look to the east with secrecy and diligence, hoping one day to disappear over the horizon as his forefathers did. While the atmosphere of some stories may appear bleak at times, it is the bright revealing light, which ultimately shines through, optimistically illuminating the leading characters. Author Bio: ABOUT THE AUTHOR-Stephen Owens spent the first thirteen years of his life living in Keighley, Yorkshire, walking distance from Haworth, the home of the Bronte sisters.When not traveling abroad, he resides in the U.K.