Transforming Economies and European Integration

Europe is passing through a dramatic period in which issues of international integration and disintegration are of crucial importance. Transforming Economies and European Integration is the first book to focus on the inter-dependence between the pattern and prospects of economic transformation in Eastern and Central Europe and the wider issue of European integration. Important aspects of this process are addressed from both scholarly and political perspectives. The distinguished group of authors, including leading figures from universities and institutions across Europe, reviews the current state-of-the-art in the process of East-West European integration, including bottlenecks and obstacles to the process. The authors analyse the most widely-debated issues and developments in East-West economic relations including the widening and deepening of the European Union, East-West trade, industrial restructuring and labour market adjustment, and the role of financial reforms and financial flows in this process. Highlighting key economic issues relating to the reintegration of Central and Eastern Europe into the European Community, Transforming Economies and European Integration will be welcomed by students, researchers and policymakers concerned with the emergence of a wider, more integrated Europe.