Transformational Leadership & Decision Making in Schools

'Public education is constantly evolving, and new challenges require school officials to be insightful, well planned, and innovative. It is because of these changing times that this book, which offers a different view of systems analysis and organizational behavior, is so valuable' - Frank Bush, Executive Director Indiana School Boards Association 'Educational leaders need a basis for confident decision making. The authors have a solution for challenging times' - Kay Harmless, Interim Director, Indiana Principal Leadership Academy, Indiana Department of Education 'A great read for leaders desiring to practically apply principles of sincerity, integrity, and commitment to an organization's culture' - James Thompson, President, Gibraltar Design, Inc. What decisions are in the best interest of students, teachers, staff, and others in your school community? Transformational Leadership & Decision Making in Schools emphasizes the need for a resilient decision-making pedagogy, helping school leaders find and re-centre their approaches to making good and productive decisions for their schools and districts. This important resource provides methods and strategies to tackle tough decisions, providing concise step-by-step considerations to inform your decision making. Some of the essential information included: - A personal decision-making self-assessment - Reflective thinking sections for individual reflection and group conversation - Discussion of the role of vision and mission - Ideas surrounding motivation and the capacity for change - A look at barriers to decision making - Information on developing respect and rapport Transformational leadership and decision making gives school leaders the confidence to make the best decisions that can positively impact student achievement, school climate, and goal alignment