Trams Around Dewsbury and Wakefield

'Trams Around Dewsbury and Wakefield' is part of the new series 'Transport Through the Ages', brought to you by Wharncliffe Books. This fascinating book traces the nostalgic journey of the trams through the ages. 'Trams Around Dewsbury and Wakefield' is an exquisitely illustrated history. It covers two relatively large tramway systems based at Dewsbury and Wakefield and a small system based at Ossett. Unlike other tramway undertakings in West Yorkshire, which were municipally owned and operated, these three were company operated. The book relies heavily on old picture postcards, collected by the author since 1970. Most of the illustrations have not appeared in print before. In addition to trams, they reveal a background of altered or vanished buildings, plus people going about their daily lives. Take yourself on a nostalgic journey through the transitional times of these tramways, as you read 'Trams Around Dewsbury and Wakefield'.