Toolkit for Mentor Practice

Studies show that mentoring programmes have a positive impact on the development and retention of new teachers. This field-tested and evidence-based resource is a complete kit that provides everything mentors need to support novice teachers on their journey to becoming confident, effective professionals. Toolkit for Mentor Practice combines a set of diagnostic tools that capture what is happening in a new teacher's classroom with a mentoring process that guides both mentor and mentee through transformational learning stages. The toolkit features: - A three-phase mentoring process that uses data collection and collaborative conversations to improve classroom practices - Information-gathering tools that reveal how new teachers interact with students, plan for instruction, design lessons, analyze student work, and differentiate instruction - Implementation guidelines that explain how to use each tool with beginning teachers - Tools in Action examples that illustrate how veteran mentors have used the tools with new teachers This toolkit gives mentors all the forms and processes needed to guide new teachers as they develop and improve their instructional practice.