Today and Tomorrow: Laret et Penates or the Home of the Futurelucullus the Food of the Futurenarcissus an Anatomy of Clothesbacchus, or Wine to-Day and to-Morrow: Volume 5 : Home, Clothes and Food

Volume 5: Lares et Penates, or the Home of the Future H J Birnstingl Originally published in 1928. very careful summary. Times Literary Supplement ...his book undoubtedly gives a better understanding of the subject than any other... Saturday Review This volume considers the labour-saving movement, the ideal house, the influence of women, the servant problem and the relegation of aesthetic considerations to the background. 88pp ************** Lucullus, or the Food of the Future Olgar Hartley and C F Leyel Originally published in 1926. ...a clever and witty little volume. Times Literary Supplement Opens with a brilliant picture of modern man, living in a vacuum-cleaned, steam-heated, credit-furnished suburban mansion with the wolf of hunger in his basement... Spectator As relevant today as it was when first published this volume examines the issues of feeding an increasing world population, food miles, organic food and vegetarianism, among other things. 88pp ******************** Narcissus, an Anatomy of Clothes Gerald Heard Originally published in 1924. interesting tour-de-force. Time Magazine In this pioneering study, full of unexpected insights, Gerald Heard shows that in clothes we are still witnessing creation at work. William H. Forthman Narcissus contains the germs of many of the ideas developed at much greater length by Heard. Edmund Opitz A brilliant book. Horace Plunkett In his first book, Heard weaves an absorbing historical narrative around the corresponding development of clothing and architecture. Along the way he introduces his seminal, revolutionary ideas on evolution, guaranteed to turn Darwin's world upside down. He declares, Clothes were more important than was allowed, noting, It will become evident everywhere that we can trace in detail the connection of clothes and building, that change takes place first in the outer and so passes to the inner. Gerald Heard's unique survey stands the test of time as a fascinating work of originality and insight. 146pp. **************** Bacchus or wine to-day and to-morrow P Morton Shand Originally published in 1927. An entrancing little volume. Brewer and Wine Merchant Very sound sense. Times Literary Supplement This volume discusses different aspects of viticulture: types of wines, the future of Empire wines, vine disease as well as social and political issues associated with alcohol consumption and predicts a time when wine will be considered as a food essential to moral and physical well-being, rather than a dangerous artificial stimulant. 90pp