To Market! To Market!

A much-loved Tara classic children s title is released in paperback for the first time. In India, a little girl goes to her local market, and her mother gives her a pocketful of change. But the girl has no idea what to buy perhaps something funny, nice or even strange . But among the rich and colorful wonders of the market, from jolly bangle sellers to massive spice stands, flower shops to mask makers, she finds that the real fun s not in the buying after all! She loves discovering wonderful, colorful stalls: Jangle, Jangle, Jangle, I'm a bangle-holding stand, and Silly, Silly, Silly, I'm a chili sort of sneeze. Told in Anushka Ravishankar s inimitable nonsense verse and illustrated in Emanuele Scanziani s vibrant paintings, this children's story is a bold and busy tribute to the vitality of everyday India. Award-winning Italian artist Emanuele Scanziani has created an exuberant Indian market with innovative typography that combines with the nonsense-verse to make a truly sumptuous, vibrant feast. US Grade Level Equivalent: 2US Guided Reading Level: L