Thyroid Diseases: Basic Science, Pathology, Clinical and Laboratory Diagnoses

Thyroid Diseases is a comprehensive reference supported by a useful selection of schematic diagrams, tables, and charts. Its basic science section supplements classic and recent reviews of the subject by discussing structural and functional aspects of the thyroid gland, including thyroid hormone action (receptor and non-receptor mediated) and the hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid control mechanisms. The clinical aspect of the book critically reviews current diagnostic modalities and addresses the choice of specialized tests and optimal sequence of their performance. Diagnostic modalities discussed include in vitro radioisotopic and nonradioisotopic assays of thyroid hormone, TSH, thyroglobulin, calcitonin, and autoantibodies. The various techniques are evaluated to show which procedures are applicable for each condition. This book brings together information dispersed across the medical and radiological literature. It will benefit professionals in radiology, nuclear medicine, and endocrinology, as well as students in these fields.