Through the Eyes of A Stranger - Pieces

Darkness has set upon the Phoenix prophecy, and Sir Gedeon is forced to put Gabriel into a comatose state until they can find what has been preying upon him. Meanwhile, in the world of Metropolis, tensions rise when Mike Hamada befriends J.D., a young man with a hidden past. Mike must somehow help J.D. become part of the new Leadership for their world. And in the Human World, Kayla Wallace struggles to remember her past. While lost in Washington State, she meets new friends who want to help her rediscover herself. Will Kayla be led down the wrong path, or will she become who she was meant to be? Will Mike discover J.D.'s past, or will his own secrets be revealed? And can the Lordship find a way to rebuild and help track down the source of the darkness? Can they put together the PIECES and unlock the truths?