"Three Oaks": Inspired by writer Monica Raszewski's discovery of letters and notes from an artist's estate, "Three Oaks" explores the notion of piecing together a life when a person dies. Using a combination of text, music and physical theatre the play takes a journey through the life of Janek, a Polish artist who leaves his young family. Years later, his daughter Margaret seeks to write his biography and by speaking with the women in his life, attempts to piece together her own heritage. In doing so, she stirs old resentments and painful memories. "Chrysalis": Annie is on trial for the murder of her three babies. Expert witness Professor Lawrence Taylor is convinced Annie is guilty. But is she? The first Australian play to tackle Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), "Chrysalis" is inspired by high-profile cases in Australia and the UK, where women were erroneously convicted of murdering their infants. Part psychological drama, part poignant investigation into guilt, obsession and the nature of parenting, the play approaches big issues in a compelling voice.