Three Approaches to Psychotherapy with a Female Client: The Next Generation

DVD video
In Three Approaches to Psychotherapy With a Female Client - The Next Generation, three leading therapists demonstrate three different therapeutic orientations with a single client. Inspired by the original Three Approaches to Psychotherapy video, which featured three pioneering therapists working with client Gloria, this DVD revisits the original program concept with presentations of cognitive therapy with Judith S. Beck, emotion- focused therapy with Leslie S. Greenberg, and psychodynamic therapy with Nancy McWilliams. Beck, Greenberg, and McWilliams define and illustrate their individual approaches, engage in a roundtable discussion about their work, and provide voiceover commentary for their respective sessions. This spirited presentation demonstrates the shared features and key differences of contemporary therapeutic approaches, allowing the viewer a chance to compare and contrast the techniques and qualities of three master psychotherapists.