This is Our War: A Soldiers' Portfolio

For all who have served in Iraq in the past three years, plus everyone who cares about those quarter million soldiers - their wives and husbands, parents and children, friends and colleagues - here are 250 glimpses into life in wartime Iraq, a singularly intimate soldier's-eye view of their war. Neither pro-war nor anti, this book is what life is really like for the troops: a true, honest glimpse into the banal and the breathtaking, the horrific and the honourable, the silly and sad and heartbreaking. This is the first digital war, not because of computer-guided smart bombs or CNN videophones, but because of the simple, inexpensive digital camera, a part of daily life for troops in Iraq and the way our soldiers share that life-with their friends and family, with one another, and now in This Is Our War . These photos and in-depth narrative captions were culled from the ten thousand images that GQ collected, creating a striking, moving, and revealing work of contemporary history.