Their Own Game

With active US and UK government support, a top secret plan, devised by Major Bill Clayton, shifts the war on terrorism from the Middle East to Northern Ireland. As it swings into operation, Clayton suspects a traitor among the select few people involved. He and his attractive sergeant, Catherine Wilson, start an illicit affair while hunting the killers of Edward Benbow, Claytonas uncle, involved with Libyan terrorist weapons suppliers. The prime suspect, identified by one of Claytonas top men, is Alistair Vaughan. Vaughan is running the operation to seize terrorist funds, using a computer expert gaoled for fraud while at the Bank of England. While the terrorist Godfathers are put to flight and stockpiles of arms destroyed, Claytonas informer is himself mysteriously killed. Now there are two murders and a possible double agent for Clayton to deal with, as anxious governments prepare to celebrate peace in the province.