The World Trade Organization: A Guide to the New Framework for International Trade

This detailed and intelligible guide to the intricacies of the WTO Agreements which are rewriting wholesale the rules of economic intercourse between countries is for those negotiators, trade policy officials, executives in industry and students of international economic relations and commercial diplomacy who need to understand the new multilateral framework for world trade. The author explains the provisions stand in non-technical language while taking care not to detract from their legal precision. He explains technical terms, gives examples where appropriate and links widely scattered provisions in the Agreements where they are connected in their operation. Every effort has been made to make this seminal guide useful both to those not yet acquainted with the subject as well as those still needing some clarification of certain concepts, ideas and even general provisions. The intention is to foster a more thorough understanding of the WTO Agreements, helping countries to know their rights and obligations, and industry and trade bodies the parameters within which they can now operate.