The Victorian Clergyman

Series: Shire Album S. (459)
The Victorian clergyman is a familiar character in the fiction of the period, especially in the novels of Anthony Trollope and George Eliot. Through text and pictures, this book sets out to tell their story and to set them firmly in the context of the nineteenth-century Church of England, revealing how they differed from the clergy of the present day. Trevor May is an historian who retired from the University of Hertfordshire in 1993. His principal interests are in nineteenth-century economic, social and local history. He is the author of some fifteen books, including nine Shire Albums. Other titles for Shire by this author are: The Victorian Domestic ServantMilitary BarracksThe Victorian Undertaker (currently out of print), The Victorian SchoolroomThe Victorian Railway WorkerVictorian and Edwardian Horse Cabs (currently out of print)The Victorian WorkhouseVictorian and Edwardian Prisons