The Urban West: Managing the Growth and Decline


Here is a comparative study of city politics and administration during a decade of rapid growth in the West (1978-1988). The book utilizes theoretical and applied approaches to the subject of urban governance and will be of interest to both scholars and practitioners in public administration and urban studies. The authors examine a wide range of urban issues: federalism, municipal reform, tax limitations, growth management, infrastructure financing, and economic development. They also provide case studies drawn from field interviews and site visits to illustrate how particular cities demonstrate the themes discussed (i.e. Boise, Idaho; Modesto, California; Tempe, Arizona; Reno, Nevada; Spokane and Tacoma, Washington; Salem and Eugene, Oregon; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Pueblo, Colorado). While the cities of the West are facing many pressures, they are also finding new and innovative ways to cope with these constraints, learning new ways to work with the private sector, neighborhood groups, and other governments.