The Turfgrass Disease Handbook

This concise handbook provides a source of information on the nature, diagnosis and control of each of the major diseases of cool season and warm season golf, landscape, recreation and sports turfgrasses. The wire-o binding format makes it easy to use. The reader is guided through every aspect of disease diagnosis and control. Features include colour photographs showing disease symptoms, on-site diagnostic procedures, and specific strategies for integrated disease control through the use of chemical pesticides in conjunction with management practices. The information on the nature of each disease gives the background needed to predict disease outbreaks in time to initiate preventive control measures, and in the event of severe occurrences of disease, to assess the potential for plant recovery. Information is also provided on the impact of environmental conditions and cultural practices on the health of the turfgrass plant and how such factors as air and soil temperature extremes, mowing practices, fertilization and soil pH, watering programmes, and thatch accumulation interact to either increase or decrease the turfgrass plant's resistance to pathogenic microorganisms. The book uses a simple, two page format to present relevant information on each disease. A narrative page is set within a system of major headings that provide easy reference to subsections containing information related to the nature of the disease, its diagnosis and control. The opposite page contains colour photographs showing the primary symptoms of the disease.