When many birders go out looking at waders, they see a distant mudflat with grey-brown birds of various shapes and sizes and have no idea where to begin the identification process. When advanced birders look at that same flock, they can identify the vast majority with a quick scan of the binoculars. Experts use the simplest, most easily observed characteristics, or jizz - size, structure, behaviour and general colour patterns - almost subconsciously, and they can identify most birds before the complexities of plumage detail need to be considered. The Shorebird Guide allows birders of all levels to identify Nearctic waders quickly and accurately. With more than 870 stunning colour photographs, images are sequenced to give a general impression of a species first, progressing to more detailed photographs of the birds at various ages and plumages. Captions list characteristics in order of importance, reflecting the process of elimination and deduction that experts use to identify these tricky-to-separate birds, while each species is accompanied by a full-colour map plus details on taxonomy, status, behaviour, migration, moult and vocalisations. The Shorebird Guide is acknowledged as one of the finest photographic guides to any avian group available; it is a superb addition to the Christopher Helm list.