The Self-organizing University: Designing the Higher Education Organization for Quality Learning and Teaching

Paperback / softback
This book challenges the orthodoxy of learning and teaching in higher education with an original change approach entitled the Self-Organizing University (SOU). It assists universities build a comprehensive model of learning and teaching at whole-of-organization scale. The chapters demonstrate how a Self-Organizing University can create: * measurable learning and teaching standards; * student centered program development; * enhanced faculty professional growth and career trajectory; * more efficient and effective organizational design; * better feedback; * powerful use of technologies; * a legitimate connection between quality and productivity. Each chapter includes case examples derived from practical experience that situate the key ideas and concepts in the real day-to-day work of universities. The role of leadership in creating and sustaining a self-organizing university is also a key focus. The chapters target leadership practices that improve learning and teaching quality and productivity and assist universities realize their goals and aspirations for maximizing student learning.