The Secret in Their Eyes

Part haunting crime thriller, part love story, the novel on which the Oscar-winning film was based stands alone as an unforgettable story within a story, reminiscent of THE SHADOW OF OF THE WIND. Part haunting crime thriller, part love story, the gripping tale that inspired the Oscar-winning best foreign film makes its eagerly-awaited debut in English. Determined to put to rest his obsession with the decades-old brutal murder of a beautiful young woman, former detective Benjamin Chaparro sets out to write a book about it. As he reaches into the past and the lives of others who became entangled in the case, from the husband who never recovered from losing the love of his life to the brilliant intern who is now a respected judge, he recalls the beginning of his own private drama - a long unrequited love. Vividly evoking 1970s Buenos Aires and the dark underpinnings of Argentina's 'Dirty War', tHE SECREt IN tHEIR EYES takes on the question of justice - what it really means and in whose hands it belongs. 'A story that leaves you breathless ...' EL LIBERAL 'A startling psychological mystery - about the secrets of a country corroded by state terror,and the secrets of a heart so suffocated that it cannot utter its simple, pure desire.'Michael Greenberg, author of BEG, BORROW, StEAL