The Roman World: A Sourcebook

The fifty-seven documents in this sourcebook introduce readers to many of the major topics of Roman history, from the period of the Twelve Tables (c.451 BC) to the later Roman empire: the structure of Roman society, slavery, the position of women and the nature of family life, farm-management and agricultural practices, scientific and medical knowledge, political and religious life, the military, and the non-Roman world beyond the frontiers. Each of the selections has been chosen for its historical significance and intrinsic interest, and is introduced and annotated by the editor. Extended selections from works such as Petronius' Satyricon and Suetonius' biography of the mad emperor Caligula allow readers to encounter the events and personalities of the era at first hand, while maps, suggestions for further reading, and a chronological table aid interpretation.The collection will be of interest to anyone who wants to understand the nature of the Roman world. It is an ideal supplement for narrative survey courses or can be used independently as a theme-based approach to Roman history.