The Radiotherapy of Malignant Disease

Radiotherapy as practiced at the renowned Christie Hospital and Holt Radium Institute is brought up to date in this new, second edition of The Radiotherapy of Malignant Disease. The contributions are all written by current or former members of the hospital staff. The opening chapters provide the necessary background information: basic physics and radiobiology, principles of chemotherapy, and mould room practice. The main part of the book represents the very essence of the Manchester school of thought. It is designed to show in detail how to treat, by X-rays and radium, malignant tumors in various anatomical sites. The book thus gives practical guidance on clinical techniques necessary in all disciplines involved in the management of malignant disease. From the reviews of the first edition: ...It should be in the library of every radiotherapy department, and in the hands of every trainee... #British Medical Journal#1 ...This book should be an important and interesting reference book on the shelves of any medical library or radiotherapist's office. #American Journal of Roentgenology#2 ...There few established radiotherapists, described by the editors as the epitome of the oncologist, who did not read the earlier versions of the Manchester textbook and may still use it for reference. This latest edition is costly but it should continue to be read by all trainees aspiring to the DMRT and FRCR, wherever they may be in training and whatever the philosophy of their teachers. #Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine#3