The Questions: First Compendium Edition

DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU THINK? Find out for sure - use The Questions. Which do you prefer: The Beatles or the Stones? Fame or fortune? London or Paris? Each of the two Questions books provides 101 ways to find out all you ever wanted to know about anyone - including yourself. Use them to discover who your real friends are and maybe meet a few new ones. How can you tell if someone is a pearl or a swine? Ask them any of the great Questions of life that divide the world and you'll soon find out. The Questions are the best and funniest way to get to know people quickly. Get arguing; get passionate; get closer; get the joke. Heated debate breaks the ice, so ask a Question and you'll never be lost for words again. Blue Peter or Magpie? Starsky or Hutch? Kerplunk or Buckaroo? The Questions are a game, a personality test, an ice-breaker and most of all, a laugh. Two books - Classic Edition and Retro Edition - one foolproof method for finding the perfect partner, whether in love, business, friendship or bridge. Sort out your life in seconds with The Questions