Al Murray: The Pub Landlord's Book of British Common Sense

We live in an age of waffle, mumbo-jumbo and bad thinking. We're forever being fed dodgy information by so-called experts, scientists, opinion-makers, politicians, journalists and jumped-up little graduates. Their combined bad thinking includes: * the idea that no one should win in running races at school, in case the losers get upset * the idea that owning a house in France (France!) is a decent way to spend your money * the idea that we should all talk about our feelings and that would make things better * speed cameras * mineral water * hummus * and the fact that everyone reckons they've got asthma. Get a grip! Why do we believe this nonsense? Because, as a nation we've forgotten the basic elements of common sense. Thank God then for Al Murray. He's here to put good old fashioned British common sense back where it belongs. This book brings together the wit and wisdom of the Pub Landlord, and the collective thoughts of the locals at Al's pub. Together they speak for generations of down-to-earth, normal, hard working, honest, sensible, normal, law abiding, tax paying (ish), normal, hard working, honourable, decent, reasonable people. British people.