The Principles of Knowledge Creation: Research Methods in the Social Sciences

The Principles of Knowledge Creation is an essential guide to the various methods of collating, explaining and understanding research data. It provides an overview of the possibilities and opportunities that exist in the research world, and demonstrates the pluralism of scientific approaches and methods. The book explores research tools and techniques in the context of objectifying and interpreting science, and the application of critical science methods. An exhaustive range of research methods is examined by subject specialists from varied social science backgrounds, including management, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, psychology and pedagogy. They illustrate that no single knowledge creation approach can be applied to all enquiries or studies, and that different interpretations and approaches can lead to the founding of new knowledge and explanations. This fascinating, hands-on approach promises to inspire students and researchers to experiment with new and different methods of solving their research problems. As such, it will strongly appeal to all those with an interest in research and research data within the social sciences.