The Politics of British Feminism, 1918-1970

The Politics of British Feminism traces the history of the women's movement from the achievement of suffrage in 1918 to the revival of feminism in the late 1960s. Offering new insights into a neglected period of women's history, Olive Banks seeks to place the women's movement in its wider context while exploring the nature of anti-feminism, as well as feminism, over half a century of turbulent history. Centring on the campaigns fought by different sections of the women's movement between 1918 and 1970, the book examines in turn autonomous feminist groups, women in the labour movement, and female MPs. The co-operation and conflict between these three groups is explored in detail. The second part examines the campaigns these groups fought, including attempts to secure equal pay, and analyses the reasons for their successes and failures. The unwillingness of the main political parties to sympathize with the goals of the women's movement is carefully assessed. Providing an authoritative overview of a previously neglected period, The Politics of British Feminism, 1918-1970 will be welcomed by students and teachers of women's history, as well as interested historians, sociologists and political scientists.