The Play of the World and the Expiation of the Real: Acts, Approaches and Inebriations

Dr.Beitchman has created a variety, a plethora of interconnections and links and lines that connect many seemingly unconnectable literary elements and forms. Take for example the two political chapters ...the first Shakespeare's King John and the last Jean Baudrillard's vision of 9/11; both deal with periods of crisis and loss of confidence/credibility of and in society conjuring a derangement that has become a syndrome. Drugs and literature connect Coleridge and Burroughs/ Kublai Khan and Naked Lunch and they in turn connect with Platonism and the Russian Symbolist Theatre of the 20th century; Cabala obtrudes on the French writers discussed and the otherworldly ambiance of Villier's play Axel. And so the component essays and approaches play of against each other and enrich our view of a literature that transcends rather than merely compares.